Selfie – 2019

Oil on canvas. H76 x W51 cm Portrait of the artist as an ‘other’. He also has a rather jaundiced view on life at this juncture



MA (SCA) BA (Wits)
Painter, sculptor, installation, assemblage, collage, drawing and photography

South African born, Victor Gordon has made and exhibited his art for forty years. He is primarily a painter and sculptor. He also creates installations, assemblages, collages, drawings and photographs. His wide-ranging concerns and techniques offer uncompromising, refreshingly unique and often quirky and challenging artistic statements.

Socially aware he considers himself an engaged ‘wake-up’ artist.

His works are in the permanent collections of the National Gallery of South Africa in Cape Town, the South African Constitution Court Collection in Johannesburg, the University of South Africa (Unisa) in Tshwane/Pretoria as well as the Ifa Lethu Collection, also based in Tshwane/ Pretoria.

Artworks / news

The Stakes Couldn’t be Higher – 2020

        Mixed media sculpture – fibreglass moulded head, car tyre, buffalo horns, MAGA baseball cap, sunglasses with attached southern rebel flag pins, wind-up metal key, a length of rope and a wooden stool. H190 x W107 x D36 cm Photographs by Vince Lovecchio The accompanying text is an extract from Chapter 13 of an as-yet-unpublished illustrated memoir I have written: As I had created an artwork around the 1992 USA election...read more

May Day – May Day Chroma-vide 2020 – (1st may 2020) AKA Traversing the river Styx

Oil on canvas W50 x H40 cm. Based on an Okavango Makoro dugout canoe 1989 ...read more