100% Woman 1998–2005

Painting of female torso by Victor Gordon
Oil on canvas
127.5 x 92 cm

In the evolution of The Full Monty I was mindful of merely producing a [sexist] stereotype. In resolving this aspect I delved into what most repulses heterosexual men about women’s bodies and decided that it was cyclical menstruation. So while the male gaze can longingly view the bushy pubic hair of the well proportioned female depicted, stereotypically this may also conjure up the hidden pleasures which lie beyond. The viewer is however abruptly brought to the realisation that they are viewing a menstruating vagina represented by a stark white tampon string and this [mostly] instantly transforms a sexually aroused mood to one of revulsion. The dark bushy pubic hair is the same hue as the blackground referring to the one-ness of this woman with her natural surroundings.

While painting the tampon string my partner was critical of my lack of intimate knowledge of what a tampon looked like. She drew it for me to copy over my inept attempt. How would I as a man have known of the double threaded twirl!


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