20/20 (Corrected) – 2018

Art20/20 (Corrected) – 2018
20/20 (Corrected) – 2018

20/20 (Corrected) – 2018

Mixed media diptych. Original antique matching frames with convex glass covers and monochrome oil on bespoke shaped oil painted boards with custom-formed connecting rod/frame.
H61.5 x W130 cm

Prescient witness to the reality of 2020 and beyond.

In this age of Fake News the essential victim is truth. Retro pince nez ocular correcting spectacles. ’20/20′ offers a riveting optical glimpse of foresight as well as hindsight.

The all-seeing eyes bear witness and focus on the spectacle of actuality. The vision of the beholder corrected to 20/20, decodes the unfolding dishonest panoply of omnipresent misinformation and duplicitousness in the political and social realm. The process and need for optical correction, infers that a truer picture is comprehended and universally available – if the metaphoric premise is ascribed value.

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