Silkscreen by Victor Gordon
Silkscreen print (edition of 20) on card
30 x 45.5 cm
Collections: Dr Steven C. Dubin; Ghaleb
Cachalia; Ifa Lethu Foundation, South Africa

Excerpt from Star newspaper Johannesburgphotograph left
Student leader Firoz Cachalia holding up ANC/SA/ANC (1980; see above) silkscreen print at Witwatersrand University demonstration against the twenty year celebrations of the South African (apartheid) Republic. These demonstrations culminated in the much publicised burning of the South African flag. These student demonstrations precipitated draconian legislation outlawing the denigration of the flag. Transgression of the new law carried heavy penalties. The legislation was made retro-active to
the establishment of the Republic in May 1961. It later was claimed that the individual student responsible for the actual flag burning was murdered by state security police.
Victor Gordon