Anonym 21¾ – 218 – 2016

ArtAnonym 21¾ – 218 – 2016
Anonym 21¾ – 218 – 2016

Anonym 21¾ – 218 – 2016


Mixed Media Sculpture H48 x 25 x 25 cm

The detached or decapitated metallic head takes on an armoured protective appearance reminiscent of medieval jousting armour or alternatively, an alien presentiment from the future. The reflective surface of the head picks-up the external environment and in concert with the protective spoon – eyes appears impenetrable. The head is presented on a square potentially white hot glass plinth which illuminates it from below. It is thus empowered by a switch on – switch off option. The reductive, almost dystopian elements relate to its potential reproducibility and mechanistic reliability to conform.

In our overpopulated planet of over seven Billion hominids, the Enlightenment concept of placing a high value on the individual has now exceeded its use-by-date. Power structures in Democracies no longer pander to individuals in achieving their agendas. The efficacy of psychological advertising, political propaganda and a non-moderated partisan media has resulted in the effective redundancy of the individual. Disingenuous lip service is proffered about the sanctity of individuals’ rights but, is this merely a hollow gesture? Law protects property. In Neo-Liberal global capitalist economies individual humans are reduced to a consumer digit [pin] number. Viewed pessimistically it could indeed be a case of… the lucky ones are already dead!

As metaphor Anonym infers that social detachment and [alie]nation is the price for a generalised lack of human compassion.

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