Art-emis 1996

Oil on canvas by Victor Gordon
Oil on canvas
100.5 x 65 cm

From Mythologies (1996) and painted some eighteen months before her tragic death, this prescient image of Princess Diana’s pixellated or effaced visage needed no detail for identification. She was the most imaged person in her time and merely her earrings, neck and hairstyle identified her. One can possibly resolve her portrait through squinting at the image. My painting fused the contemporary real life celebrity fairytale princess Diana with the Diana (Roman) or Artemis (Greek) the Pagan Goddess of the hunt. Ironically Princess Diana met her early demise by being hounded, stalked and effectively hunted to her accidental death by paparazzi, hell bent on representing her to a receptive worldwide audience in her every living (or dying) moment.  This method of pixellating was used by dali in the nineteen fifties!