Social poverty vs. aesthetic sovereignty – 2015

ArtSocial poverty vs. aesthetic sovereignty – 2015

Social poverty vs. aesthetic sovereignty – 2015


Social poverty vs. aesthetic sovereignty – 2015

Oil on canvas – 106 x 136cm

A predictable consequence of a cult worship-obsessed world of superheroes is individual alienation. Here we have a representation in paint of an homogenized human specimen on public display appearing exhausted by the effort to illicit a public response. Without any trademark designation she/he symbolizes how ineffective we are by not claiming superhero status. And hence, nobody cares…

Vicarious digital gaming is widely on offer as an alternative to reality. This is in parallel to the harmful intellectual retarding effect of worldwide addiction to social media. Participation in either inculcates at best, a spiteful, and at worst, a violent disposition in our young and offers almost nothing that constitutes a positive outlook for their future. Passive, or virtual reality is not a substitute for the healthy development of individuals into a a worthwhile life of social participation and contribution. Governments have essentially abrogated their social responsibility to provide adequate public education, social cohesion or realistic opportunities, which predictably results in citizens in a perpetual state of abject alienation

Artists & their work (in an ideal world) can be perceived as the conscience of the world. Using the body as the vehicle for art work is timeless. It appears to be incumbent on artists to continually proffer their work in however hostile an environment they are in. Perhaps artists should consider withholding their favours as a means of preserving their integrity and reclaiming their lost power.

In this painting the purposefully anonymous artiste/beggar has so far received no alms for effort. It beggars the question of whether the effort of functioning as a mirror on society has been in vain and also indicates the dire need to peer into the microscope to determine who dictates and defines what is and isn’t art.

“All that We See or Seem is but a Dream Within a Dream”

Extract from: Dream within a dream. A poem By Edgar Allan Poe

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