Axmas Gif[t] 1998

Mixed media assemblage, Christmas wrapped axe in glass caseMixed media: Painting on shaped board with collaged frame in glass cabinet
92 x 61 x 7 cm

Returning to the traditions of Man Ray and Christo’s wrapped objects as well as the 1979 Wrapt, I painted the wrapped object illusionistically; a further deferral or remove from the real. This shaped image on board is housed in a wood and glass cabinet; by inference, to be opened in case of emergency. The painted axe is wrapped in christmas gift wrapping. The foreshortened image implies a non-existent dimensionality. This shape is reiterated by a different but real collaged christmas wrapping covering the custom-cut frame for the shaped image. While the christmas gift of an axe can be deemed quite innocent, it could also be interpreted as a somewhat cynical critical statement about the social protocols of exchanging gifts. The seperated gif in the title in germanic languages (including Afrikaans) means poison.