Badda Bing 1993–2005

Rear torsooil by Victor Gordon
Oil on canvas on board
90 x 53.8 cm

This nude study was painted from a professional life model in Sydney. Her informal contraposto pose indicates a state of relaxation, a body at ease. When working from life one objectifies the nude. Importantly this is largely achieved by maintaining the integrity of the life model’s nudity. that is, by keeping them entirely naked. By adding the red brassiere the effect is to intensify the sexuality of the nude and to transform objectivity into subjectivity. The red brassiere is an alluring fashion statement generally reserved for private delectation. I have chosen the rather irreverent title from the name given to the strip club owned by the Mafia chief Tony Soprano in the fictitious TV series the Sopranos. Viewed from behind in a voyeuristic manner, she is scrutinised, her Ruben-esque body available, at least to the male gaze.

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