Boomaroo – 2022

ArtBoomaroo – 2022

Boomaroo – 2022

H x W x D

Mixed media sculpture. Black Japanned wooden base and superstructure, aluminium columns, Mild steel superstructure housing a miniature fibreglass flagpole, photographic reproductions of artist’s paintings, Modified old toy till, feral fox skull covered in 24ct gold leaf, lunaria annua seed pods, astro turf, a phonetic name for a blowfly on black background.

The Australian parliament is a temple, a prison and a theatre stage. The plays performed there navigate the nation’s legal course. At the heart of the edifice is an antiquated till surmounted by a 24 Ct gold leaf encased feral fox skull. The leading members of this ‘honourable house’ are mostly colloquial ferals. The Boom-aroo till is open, revealing energy-producing coal, filled to the brim. The symbolic greed that drives the exploitation of natural resources is obvious; the nation depends on a permanent ‘boom’. This boom is also heard on international battlefields where Australians fight, kill and die.

The till is positioned on a raised plinth and in a twist of irony it rests on a bed of ‘honesty’ (lunaria annua seed pods). The floor of the ‘house’ is carpeted in synthetic (erzatz) grass, astro turf. Behind the source of power (the till) is an appropriate Nation’s branding symbol – the blowfly.

The flag above reveals portraits of past reactionary leaders, all fossil fools. The largest portrait symbolically representing all the individual States and Territories is the all-powerful media mogul pulling the strings.

The entire structure is guarded by an all-round frieze of repeat portraits of the Nation’s policeman, our guardian angel, The Hon. Peter Dutton of Nauru.

Boomaroo – 2022
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