Cardinal Sin 1994–2012

Mixed media sculpture
Mixed media: Found metal objects, rubber door stop, synthetic cats eye, custom built cedar gun carriage and leather.
31 x 26 x 37.2 cm

This work directly address the culpability of the Catholic and other Churches in condoning the extensive, almost universal paedophilia practiced by its representatives. Only in recent years has the Church had to seriously account for their own widespread criminal activities. Traditionally the closing of the ranks clericalism of the church has covered up and protected its priests, usually by holding internal enquiries and transferring the guilty to new geographic locations without any other consequences. This clericalism has only (partially) dealt with the sins of the fathers and it does not in any way address the damage done to the tens of thousands of the victims of paedophilia! In my sculpture Cardinal Sin I situate a mitred Cardinal astride his own canon (cannon). Somewhat humorously I have highlighted the overblown size of his cannon/ phallus The cardinal is immersed in reading his book while the overriding visual concern to the viewer is clearly with his penis. It is so large that it requires a traditional gun carriage to support it. The cannon is presented on a plinth carpeted with the red of the office of cardinals. The entrance to the urethra has an all-seeing eye representing the omniscient surveillance administered through the Catholic confessional, which offers up the vulnerable victims.