Dead Ringer 2000–2012

ArtDead Ringer 2000–2012

Dead Ringer 2000–2012

Mixed media: Old washing machine ringer, wooden log, length of hose, paint brush handle, metal wheels with rubber tyres, ironing board and synthetic turf
105 x 125 x 40 cm

This humoresque references Australian domesticity. The ringer from the old washing machine has morphed into a deluxe model (note the whitewall tyres) large snub nosed sightless rodent. The guts of the Ringer, is filled with a weathered old turned log, probably part of a fencing post in a past life. Viewed from the rear it is impossible for this to be passed through the brass anal aperture. This log stuffing hints at taxidermy – hence the “Dead” Ringer, and also of course to the well known Australian colloquialism. The pink garden hose tail has a permanent jaunty curl which visually breaks the strong straight diagonal lines of the ironing board stand. The elevated surface of the ironing board is covered in astro-turf, the perfect no maintenance lawn which provides the perfect platform for the Ringer (as pet). The height adjustable stand allows for custom viewing as required.

The ringer was sourced in my garage in Broken Hill

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