Fantasize—Go All The Way 1986–1988

ArtFantasize—Go All The Way 1986–1988
Oil by Victor Gordon

Fantasize—Go All The Way 1986–1988

Fantasize—Go All The Way 1986–1988

Oil on canvas. 150 x 94 cm

This image is based on actual billboards. Fantasize is an advertisement for the wartime Nazi Germany-specific Fanta Cola (part of the Coca Cola Co) later widely marketed in South Africa. Go All the Way was a contemporary advertisement for Rugby playing Lion Beer swillers. Advertising (and Business) Companies supported the Status quo of the Apartheid regime who had similar vested interests in exploiting the masses. The burning township depicted in the back ground is typical during that period of nationwide unrest. I personally witnessed similar scenes particularly when I was traveling back and forth into and out of Soweto in 1986/7 on behalf of Wits University. These Township houses were called matchboxes by the inhabitants.

Beer & Sport Apartheid

Interestingly Lion Beer was not the Beer of choice with Black people who tended to consume Carling Black Label beer. Black people largely supported Soccer and Lion Beer was largely consumed by White Afrikaners whose sport of choice was Rugby, while English speakers generally preferred Castle Beer and (often) Cricket. Ironically all three beers were produced by the same South African Brewery (SAB) Company who understood this need for ‘apparent’ diversity and successfully provided it.

One can infer that the placement of this advertisement was not only designed to visually block-out the conflagration beyond in the Township, but was targeted at the specific militant reactionary White Forces charged with implementing Apartheid atrocities.

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