Genuine FAKE – 2012

ArtGenuine FAKE – 2012

Genuine FAKE – 2012

Oil on Board. H40 x W80 cm

Authenticity both literal, allegorical and symbolic are the test of our time. Unfiltered aesthetic poseurs abound.

An interest in faked art spurred my concern in this endeavour. Faked art, of both international and local artists’ work which has high monetary value, are commonly purveyed in Australia.

Independently the intercession of universal access to the internet has spewed forth a veritable burgeoning stream of fabrication, deception and disingenuous mendacity. Fact checking is time consuming and hence not popular or encouraged. While the terrain of our consciousness is pock-marked with inviting rabbit holes that have a decided Q Anon aroma, in ancient Greece Democritus is credited with saying that, “truth lies at the bottom of a well”. Often the subject of allegorical paintings, when truth does emerge she (a renaissance trope) is mostly depicted as angry.

For my painting this serendipitously creates a new layer of meaning. Over the last few decades it has become de rigour for the media to propagate falsehoods to a gullible audience. Politicians have always seen fit to stretch the truth to suit their own agendas and this has reached fever pitch recently, particularly on the right in the USA. Our own immediate past Prime Minister here in Australia, Scott Morrison was nicknamed the “Liar from the Shire”.

The goal of accessing truth with a capital T is an age-old objective, but invariably it devolves around the subjective. Your truth is not mine.

Genuine FAKE – 2012
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