Gold Card – De Melos Exploitation Inc. 2008 – 2011

Oil on canvas and mixed media painting by Victor Gordon
Oil on canvas and mixed media
111 x 76.6 cm

Addresses the interdependent relationship between geological capital exploitation and wealth generation on the one hand, and the manifest trans-active investment processes which result in the creation of cultural artefacts, upon which we establish our “cultural identity”. Unique art works and priceless antiquities are sought after by the wealthiest players in our capitalist world as a reflection by association with creative genius. The work is intended to be at once playful as well as a serious statement about the underlying mechanisms of our social system. The hand attached to the lower torso has a somewhat erotic teat-like sensibility and is a painting of my own hand derived from a humble photocopy which alludes to the esoterics of fortune telling and palmistry. The hand penetrates the geological strata seeking the gold reef. The rectangle constitutes the ‘vice’ (credit) card which in turn forms the (sculptural) base and support for the De Melos Venus.