I AM 2005–2012

Sculpture mixed mediaMixed media: Painted gypsum cast, spectacles, cap, metal spring, painted tin, brass tray, dog collar and lead, cedar disk, synthetic turf and corrugated iron column
158 x 43 x 43 cmSculpture mixed media

I am is the physical and original version of my sculpted self portrait. As a sculpture in the round it holds a surprise when seen from the back as my teeth protrude from their position behind my head! The head is finished in a blue white-ish coloured plaster. It was important to me to freeze my facial features into a smile which is unusual for a sculpted portrait. Traditional sculpted portraits are usually reserved for personae of importance who, in their posture project an austere image of themselves which is how they wish to be best remembered. In my case the viewer is presented with an image of the artist as somewhat of a a back biting buffoon.  The headwhich hs a neck collar and lead is mounted on a spring being thus able to wobble all the better; and this is in turn supported by a hollow corrugated iron plinth/column.