Keinehora – 2023

ArtKeinehora – 2023
Keinehora - 2023, collage by Victor Gordon

Keinehora – 2023

Collage from classical reprint & printed card on photograph by artist. H23 x W16 cm

The nude torso fragment is a coloured reproduction from Jean-Léon Gérôme’ s The Grand Bath at Bursa. She is attached to a black and white photograph taken by the artist, of a wall surmounted by a railing. Above this and situated on a slight angle formed by the railing is a card depicting an alluring eye – also in stark black and white. Beyond this is a surrounding frame of foliage.

The title keinehora is a commonly used Yiddish expression with roots in ancient Hebraic (and other cultures’) superstition to ward off the evil eye. We are all, to some extent, voyeur witnesses, hence the view of the woman from behind, but we ourselves are in turn subject to constant government and official surveillance.

The evil eye or the eye of Providence – the all-seeing eye is also the ancient symbol for divinity. It was often painted on the prow of ships as a talisman against disaster. It was a central focal symbol of the Freemasons. It also figures centrally on the American Dollar note atop an unfinished pyramid. Many of the USA’s founding father’s were Freemasons.


Keinehora – 2023
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