Mr MacQuarie’s Chair and End Days – 2019

ArtMr MacQuarie’s Chair and End Days – 2019

Mr MacQuarie’s Chair and End Days – 2019

Oil on canvas. H50 x W40 cm

Aeons of patriarchal domination based on greed has resulted in planet Earth today on the brink of self-destruction. The looming (potential of the) apocalypse is heartily embraced and fatalistically welcomed by creationist blind-faith believers, as well as heads-buried-in-the-sand climate change deniers. The latter are political movers and shakers who can, with a will, influence change by the immediate adoption of radical interventionist behaviour-altering policies, but, like their intellectually crippled religious fellow-travellers, they too, treat this catastrophic issue as a matter of Faith, rather than basing crucial fundamental life-preserving decisions on empirical reasoning.

I am reminded of Frank Zappa’s prescient opening line from Flakes – “I am a moron and this is my wife.”

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