Olympic Nero 2000

Painting done during Sydney Olympics in Broken Hill in 2000
Oil on canvas
76 x 46 cm

This was my contribution to the Sydney Olympics of 2000. An un-armed or physically challenged athletic monochrome figure/figurine surrealistically sports two floating hands. One hand clutches what appears to be a stylised red heart while the other holds a garden stake/stave. The figure’s groin is covered with an inverted fragment of a large teapot which includes a predominant downward pointing spout. The (blind) eyes of this victor stare out vacantly. The figure has the fresh green laurel crown of a medal winner in the games on his head. He is situated in a typical broken Hill outback domestic back yard with loose red dirt and bounded by a corrugated iron fence. The fence’s supporting Mulga wood stump has a phallic appearance. The games originated as a means of expressing male testosterone-al prowess and I allude to this (male) competitiveness.