Ozzie Ozzie Oy Vey Vey – 2024

ArtOzzie Ozzie Oy Vey Vey – 2024

Ozzie Ozzie Oy Vey Vey – 2024

Collage on card H29.7 x W21 cm

A fashion model imaged in mirrored position f(acing herself) standing athwart the contemplative figure of a rotund middle-aged man wearing only wide front underpants (unterhalter). The image of the male figure is appropriated and then modified resin sculpture by Peter Corlett made in 1983/4, which is in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria. All three figures have had the Kelly gang’s metal protective ploughshare helmets attached on their heads creating individual anonymity. Artistically reminiscent of the now canonical Kelly series by Sydney Nolan, these allude to the iconic frontier outlaw spirit perceived as quintessentially Australian. In the foreground the artist’s assemblage of the aspirant executive’s valise, importantly incorporating the much required backscratcher (to impress the intended employer).

This is a satirical view of how fashion appropriates and purloins icons from differing contexts. The violent criminal gang of Ned Kelly is now elevated to become part of the fashionista patois, their life and death protective gear now a much-cheapened, if tongue-in-cheek, an integral part of the cat walk vocabulary.

Ozzie Ozzie Oy Vey Vey – 2024
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