Passages II 1978

Oil by Victor Gordon
Oil on canvas
120.7 x 125 cm

. “Passages II, 1978 uses illusionistic painting means in propounding the dichotomy of choice in life, in that the alluring attraction into the left passage is clearly demarcated as mirrored illusion. At the end of the alternative passage, the right, is the unsure reality of black and white. The passages in both illusion and the [intended] real are the passages anyone who has visited the institutionalised edifices like police corridors, hospital or influx control centres, will recognise. The surreal absence of humanity precludes (presupposes) that the observer is alone in his /her choice of corridors”.*

* Art work as the Plastic Manifestation of Socio-Political Response. by Victor Gordon – unpublished 4th year paper 1980. P11.