No Woman is an Island, Don’t Deny us our Future – 2019

ArtNo Woman is an Island, Don’t Deny us our Future – 2019
Scomo’s Muzzling Delusion: Australia’s Armageddon – 2019

No Woman is an Island, Don’t Deny us our Future – 2019

Mixed media sculpture. H38 x W78 x D60 cm

In recent protest marches in 2023 in opposition to the war in Gaza, school students were admonished and told to go back to their classrooms and to leave the political decision making to adults. Labor spokesmen hold similar views to our previous Coalition leaders.

Historically, Scott Morrison, an ideological right-wing conservative politician was Australia’s Prime Minister. A man of extremes, he is an evangelical Pentecostal Christian – who prays in tongues.

Hypocritically, in contradiction to his supposedly-held Christian tenets, this individual, in his capacity as  Minister for Homeland Security showed his true(blue) colours by the boast that he had effectively “stopped the boats.” He was (then) responsible for implementing exceptionally cruel policies that ensured no asylum seeker arriving by boat would ever be settled in Australia. These people, including children, languish[ed] for years in off-shore detention centres for indeterminable periods. This effective torture has been roundly condemned by the international humanist community but lauded and held-up as an exemplar by xenophobic fascist leaders like Donald Trump et al. His (largely successful) domestic efforts to publicly demonize asylum seekers reached a particularly low-point when he wrongfully referred to these individuals as “illegal arrivals.”

A Climate Change denier, to his everlasting shame, he brought a lump of coal into Parliament (when Treasurer) and held it triumphantly aloft declaring that we need not fear coal.

In Parliament he was accused of being a liar, and in response to his nick-naming his own political foes, has been branded the “liar from the Shire.” He attempted introducing draconian legislation (with dire punishment for infringement), to curb protest against entities who advocate and continue the exploitation of fossil-fuels.

“The right to protest does not mean there is an unlimited licence to disrupt people’s lives and disrespect your fellow Australians,” was his response to Australian youth participation in the worldwide “Extinction Rebellion.”

Early in his role as Prime Minister (read Prime Sinister) he acknowledged part of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, thereby partially-fulfilling the obscure prophecy in the Book of Revelations (and the Pentecostal mission of facilitation), that only when the Jewish temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem will the Messiah make his second coming – and bring with it the end of days (Armageddon).

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