Oil on canvas – 91 x 76cm

A semi-fictitious view from the Icebergs in Bondi South (Sydney) looking over towards the North Head BOOS (Bondi Ocean Outfall Sewer) breather pipe. Sydney’s excremental end-trajectory desti[nation]. In formal terms, the powerful orthogonal lines of the architecture in the image, in concert, direct the viewer to the lonely, understated, but all important stack. The Chimney Stack of Bondi Ocean Outflow Sewer (BOOS) dominates the (denuded) North Head landmark in Sydney.

Most of the Sydney CBD and the Eastern Suburbs’ sewerage is directed to the BOOS where it is pumped out into the Pacific Ocean. It is the proverbial sphincter of Sydney.

It is possible to consider a relatively unpalatable proposition, that all the unwarranted self congratulatory hype about Sydney’s attractions, can be summed up quite eloquently by considering, that the colon[ial]ic peristaltic (pumping) action which concentrates all human effluent at the BOOS terminus and thereafter the liberation of our collective e[a]ffluence upon the denizens of our pristine ocean, is an apt metaphor.