The Face of Tomorrow – 2009

Painting by Victor Gordon of the dangers of excessive digital exposure

Oil on canvas
122 x 183 cm

A voyeuristic observation of two young boys sitting together but separately, engrossed in their own personal world. Their attention is drawn to a digital screen in the centre at the top of the painting, mostly out of view. This painting is a commentary on the limited control exerted over digital media exposure in our children. There is every possibility of their becoming dissociated from reality by being given unfettered access…… It is consequently difficult for young people to differentiate between the (pre-digital) commonly understood real world and the unquestioning acceptance of this current deferred version of reality. Compositionally the pair are seated next to each other together, but worlds apart, on an attractive couch in what appears to be the prow of some sort of vessel heading away from the viewer directly toward some, as yet, unchartered terrain.

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