The Lectern 2012

Mixed media assemblageMixed media: Wooden protractor, resin drip, cutout oil painting on board, prints of matzos and triangular postage stamp
61.8 x 50.5 cm

Self imaging is fraught with complex subjectivity. Here formal academic achievement is perceived from a voyeuristic viewpoint. The potential of a teaching pathway is referenced by the Jewish Passover Matzo lectern which doubles as an open book. Jewish wisdom embodies the knowledge of the ages but here it is supported by solidified dribbling resin. This resin/resonant pools out onto the surface of a hemispheric protractor. The figure in the academic gown and coloured hood, is physically embedded in the protractor which acts as a podium but also offers an array of up to one hundred and eighty degrees. The semi circle is offset by a triangle, a Cape of Good Hope triangular stamp. The reclining hope in the stamp has an all seeing eye (the yiddishe keinen hora) for her head.



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