The Yellow Wedge 2003

ArtThe Yellow Wedge 2003
The Yellow Wedge 2003

The Yellow Wedge 2003


Oil on canvas .76 x 46 cm

Trompe l’oeil image addressing the concept of a painting within a painting. And within the inner painting, the subject is itself yet another art work, an image of an assemblage on an easel. Trick of the eye painting is the technique of making images exploiting a shallow depth by utilizing the interaction of shadow. This assists in establishing a verisimilitude. Naturalistic or illusionist painting is entirely dependent on suspending the the disbelief of the viewer and this technique is a valued trick of artists.

The image is a commentary on the nature of illusionist painting and the subject of an easel refers to the tools used by artists. The fingerprint embedded in the canvas is that of the artist’s imprimatur – his approval & signature.

The yellow wedge of the title is a red herring

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