Toxical Waste/ Zap it in a Zibie – 2022/3

ArtToxical Waste/ Zap it in a Zibie – 2022/3
Toxical Waste – 2022/3

Toxical Waste/ Zap it in a Zibie – 2022/3

Oil on two joined canvasses. H108 x W122 cm

The title is derived from the pop song by Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour on his album Toxiques (1990). It has been common practice of developed countries to dump their poisonous waste in third world countries. Zap it in a Zibie is derived from a highly successful South African advertising campaign to promote garbage collection.

The senseless and unnecessary destruction wrought on Ukraine territory by Russia’s 2022 invasion initially inspired my imaging the noxious pollution of the atmosphere. No longer the welcoming vista of idyllic cloud formations in our panoramic view. This unfettered madness coalesced with the need to highlight our uncaring jettisoning of waste in capitalist (built-in redundancy) throw-away societies. We care enough to sort out our detritus into various colour-coded categories (wheely bins) but then feel absolved of having to actually and effectively dispose of it. Late Industrial waste is either interred, fed into the oceans or released into the stratosphere and beyond.

Welcome to planet Earth and the dominant hominid species…..

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