Untitled 1979

ArtUntitled 1979
Untitled 1979

Untitled 1979


Assemblage 36 x 41 cm

The assemblage Untitled -1979 references the art historic as well as deploying a wry humour.  The central object of the work is a ‘found’ piece of linoleum, depicting an assortment of timbers in a grid ‑ a cheap imitation of parquet flooring.  The de-contextualized floor is innately illusionistic.  The ‘picture’ is seated in an ornate handsome oval wooden frame, which is actually an old repurposed toilet seat.

In a somewhat subliminal manner I have the expectation that the viewer’s posterior will somehow recognize the shape (the signifier) and associate it with the crappy linoleum it surrounds (the signified).

The image of a modernist grid in an oval surround pays homage to the cubists.

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