White Feathers 2015

ArtWhite Feathers 2015
White Feathers 2015

White Feathers 2015


Mixed media assemblage 47 x 34 cm

Component of installation memorate.com.au – White feathers were widely used as a symbol of cowardice during WWI. They were sent anonymously to young men of military age to shame them for not volunteering for service.

The installation included reference to contemporary local and national opposition to the war. The shaming symbol of their non patriotic stance, the white feather(read bout the symbolism of the white feather), form an integral aspect of the installation, which highlighted the divisive sentiment on the home front and peaked around the two failed conscription referenda debates which divided the nation.

Gordon’s art provides thoughtful insights into the tough choices young men faced; to volunteer and potentially die, be wounded or otherwise be permanently affected or, face being labelled a coward — which could mean becoming a social outcast, forever stigmatised.

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