You ANC Nothing Yet – 2023

ArtYou ANC Nothing Yet – 2023

You ANC Nothing Yet – 2023

H74 x 45.5 cm

Mixed media, drawing, gouache, coloured plastic fridge magnets. zebra print towel, colourful printed tourist drink coasters.

An analysis of the achievements in the new South Africa since the democratic transition in 1994. Successive African National Congress (ANC) governments have performed so woefully as to all but bankrupt the country and lead the it to the international status of an almost failed State. Clearly ANC leadership never understood that in the post-Apartheid era the main issue to be addressed was class and NOT a racial one. This pathway was well laid-out, by the then intelligentsia for the new leadership to conform to, but to no avail. Resultant corruption abounds and the general population are deriving no benefits from their government’s greed. This work intimates that the worst is yet to come. The positive legacy of Mandela’s rainbow country surrounds a 1989 drawing (by the artist) of Paul Kruger – President of the old ZAR White Boer republic – now modified with added trendy sunglasses, to block-out the current political glare.

You ANC Nothing Yet – 2023
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