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Victor Gordon Exhibiting at Blacksphere FineArt

217 Swan Street Richmond Melbourne Vic 3121

Phone: 03 9429 4662 Email: info@blacksphereart.com.au
Website: www.blacksphereart.com.au

Opening 6:30 on 19th Nov – 08

19 – 29 Nov – 08

Powerful and thought-provoking, an exhibition by New South Wales artist Victor Gordon opens at the Blacksphere Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne, on 19th November.

Gordon says “the images are at the same time idealised and romantic representations of icons etched in the collective consciousness and an invitation to explore Australian values at a deeper level.”

Many of the works challenge an idea central to Australian art: that the landscape can be a metaphor for national and personal identity. The resulting works use realism and modernist techniques to provoke multi-layered readings from audiences.

Gordon imposes devices that target and focus our attention on the otherwise conventional landscape. Audiences are challenged to interpret both the meaning of the subject matter and their own understandings of the idea of landscape.

Gordon’s unique focus on landscape invites audiences to review their own relationship to the deepening worldwide crisis in natural resources. His central message is the urgent need for environmental and resource conservation.

The landscapes are accompanied by a small array of paintings of individual car tyre swans each sitting on a book and mounted on corrugated iron plinths. Entitled “Gestation of the new Australian Republic Constitution”, these images use familiar outback icons of the cut-out rubber tyre swan and the corrugated iron plinth.

Gordon says “these works humorously allude to Australia’s coming of age in declaring itself a republic and our new republic’s constitution is still in the gestation phase.”

These works reference other Australian icons, such as a dartboard with Aboriginal (flag) coloured rings and an inflated but discarded Trade Union badge from Broken Hill.

For further information, contact Dr Alexander Grigoriev on 03 9429 4662 m. 0415 997 388

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Finalist in Sulman Art Prize 2007 – Art Gallery NSW

Portrait by Victor Gordon

“Mike Parr at the MCA”

Mike Parr is one of Australia’s most important contemporary artists. He is a performance artist with a strong interest in self portraiture/ self imaging.

As a portrait; the painting is unusual. The striking oblique rear view and compositional economy are accentuated by the strong diagonal emanating from the bottom left hand corner, drawing the view’s attention to the centrally located image. Viewed from this angle, Mike Parr conveys a sense of quiet reflection; a mixture of both modesty and substance in the way he is positioned, at once casual yet clearly important, locates him firmly within the structure of contemporary art.

A balance is suggested by the shift from cool grey blues at the left to warmer tones on the right of the painting. This balance is further enhanced by the angles created between the image of Mike Parr leaning heavily into the wall, and the wall itself, which provides a counterweight by angling back towards him, slightly off the perpendicular.

The fugitive moving female presence in the background, while superficially appearing to be incidental, functions as his alter ego and refers to the intense, deeply psychological aspects of Mike Parr’s own art.

That Mike Parr has only one arm, a physical absence that lies at the locus of his artistic concerns, is referenced only obliquely by omission in the painting.

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The Orange Regional Art Gallery is pleased to announce the presentation of a stunning art exhibition Vanitas by Orange resident professional artist.

Victor Gordon’s artwork is provocative and visually riveting. This survey exhibition covers a wide variety of Gordon’s artistic concerns. They include highly confronting imagery as well as sensitive and sometimes humorous works. many of which will stimulate your senses. [Victor holds a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney] (more…)

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