Offering – 2023

Collage on paper.
The winged Niké of Samothrace is festooned with a grimacing face (a photograph of an old metal door) surmounted with a Rhinoceros (Photograph). At the feet of the Goddess of Victory is a bench on which a human is laid out in sacrifice (also a photograph). A formal design element has been added at the lower right resembling the rising temperature in a thermometer-like architraval device, striating outwards.

Danse-Macabre – 2023

Oil on Canvas. H92 x W 127.2 cm

Chameleon Conga rainbow dance emulating the Totentanz is performed to conjure up appetizing blowflies. Metaphorically, the Southern African chameleon feeds on the quintessential Australian blowfly

Country Rock Group – 2023

Oil on canvas. H41 x W78 cm

Petrified wood specimens from the district form this ‘Rock Group’. Set against a strobic atmospheric backdrop, the unusual spatial relationship of the discreet ‘players’ is a metaphor for how groups or communities are formed. Like these tree examples, we start out in one form – them metamorphose into another. interactively we perform and creatively communicate in either a harmonious or discordant manner.

Petrified rocks date to the pre-historic period and as trees were amongst the earliest forms of life in this geographic area.